mandag 15. juni 2009

Facination dwindeling?

I got in. Thats all I can say. I got accepted into the Telemark Batalion. Urah. Mucho fun. Im officially hired from the 1st of August. It kinda makes me think...
From 1st of August my adolescence is over. My childhood and teenage life. I'm no longer allowed to think of my self as a Norwegian Kid anymore(dang). I have a well paid job, an apartment hours away from my family, friends and what not whom I've known only for weeks or months. None of them know my childhood and long as Im here, my childhood is no more.
Wonder what it is to be really grown up. I don't think its age..some might say maturity, but you experience things. A child would take in every new thing with the same amout of curiousity and enthusiasm, while a grown up, which I feel my self more and more doing, would not think as much over the things that happen, because its "normal" and everything has an explenation for it. Imagine a child really noticeing a cloud for the first time. The shreik of pure exitement, the wide eyes and the glee that sticks to their face like glue pulling their face into a huge grin. I try to see the cloud as they do. I try. But fail. I see a cloud. Maybe a rabbit or a shoe sometimes, depending on their shape, but still..a cloud. I could try to think of the different things that a cloud is made up of, but thats just tedious to me, and I don't really care what a cloud is made up of. Plus, to know the exact scientific explenation for something, takes away the final facination I have with things. Like stars. I used to be really really facinated with them. Spent hours upon hours watching them. Now..I still think they're pritty, poetic, romantic and endless..and I still envy them for seing the history of the universe unfold and expand..while Im a blip. After my friend andy so nicely ripped my innocent facination with them when I said,
"God..I love stars, don't you think they're the one true magical thing in this world? Shining for millions of years, keeping life in the glaxies?"
and he said cold as ice
"they're stars. Balls of gas. They burn and they warm. Its what they do" talk about the romantic, eh?
I don't wanna be grown up if it means giving up my facination with every little thing. To experience things to the outmost is what life is about. Even the little discoveries and joys. Contemplateing on things that most "mature" people would think of as unnessesary or on the brink of weirdness or crazy. Thoughs like..
"I wonder how many people who...(think the exact same thing as me) or (dies right now) or (is lying blissfully next to their lover) or (experiences their first kiss)"
Kinda makes me feel like Amelie:P Those aren't really the things I spend the most of my time thinking of.. rather what if's what would's and how are's. Past. How could the present have been if one thing in the past had changed. The smallest things that have effected my life or the history.

lørdag 30. mai 2009

Another turn, another challange

Well, these past few days have been hecktic. I've just finished the selection for the Telemark Batalion, Norways "ultimate" enlisted batalion. According to the soldier who had responsebility for us and who graded us, I can relax and kick my feet up, and just wait for the order to join the batalion.
But I can't.
Because its such a big change in my life. I'll hav a very very very well paid job, I'll earn more than my father, almost as much as both my parents put together, and I'll have almost no spare time. I'll have to keep training monday, wednesday, friday and the weekends. As they so neatly put it; Being a soldier is sacreficeing the comforts and pleasures of life, your spare time, and maybe your sanity, friends or life.
Am I willing to do this for someone I don't know? For a cause I don't always support? Well. As long as someone is in need and I can do something abou it, I'm there to help.
I've applied for a position as a gunner on the Leo2a4 tank. I just love 'em. They're beautiful, aren't they?I'll be sitting deep inside it, with over a meter thick layer of classefied armor plateing, so I should be fairly safe. As long as no one's cooking a moltovian cocktail. Then Im in trouble. As we say in Norwegian, "Den tid, den sorg"(You could translate it as; its tomorrows problem, or; when it comes, it comes, deal with it).
If I do get in, I'll sign a 3 year contract, as a grenader, but with the possibility to advance to sargent after a year and start moving through the ranks after that. But I think I'll wait until I've finished my first contract. For experiences sake. I wouldn't want anyone dying just because I wanted to wear three V's on my chest instead of one.
Except a few ribs half broken and my knee still being a bitch, Im still in one piece, considering the beat I got from the stress test. I had to be beaten up, willingly, and then exhaust my self until I almost fainted, and then I was sent to fight seven guys, with an order to take down three of them in a specific order and conduct. It was...tough. Almost broke my ribs during it, but it was worth it. After that they tried to fuck with my mind even more, but I passed, as the top contestant of the people who applied for Leo2. Guess Im rather proud of myself right now. I'll TRY to stop gloating now.
Congratualtions to all the graduates from Utah and Malibu. Im proud of ya, and I'd 'a given you a hug if I'd been there.
one last thing..if they do accept me..I wont be able to go to America...I'll have to spend the summer training and prepareing:(

'till then


torsdag 7. mai 2009

My brain works in mysterious ways

A picture I love. The way things in life seems to freeze in perfect positure
Time passes way to quickly right now, don't you think? I do. Everyone I talk to nowdays seems to agree. Its scary. It doesn't seem like its been almost a year since I joined the armed forces. Not only that, but my spanish exam managed to creep up on me and I ended up taking the oral exam last monday. Christ. At least I passed, plus, my hearts still beating and Im breathing, so all is well. Now remains the written exam. I'll fail that elegantly. Also, I've gotten through the first part of the election for the Telemark Batalion. Near 500 applied for the 45 positions that they are offering, and now we're down to 100-150. The next phase is the 25th of may, which is waaay too early. Why? I'll tell you why, you nosy bastard. I fucked up my knee(pardon my french). I ran 3miles with 13kg in a backpack on a turned out to be a big mistake. So Im limping my way through these hectic days. The 20th of may is the written spanish We'll see if I'll be still alive to come and visit you guys in the summer:P

I found out that my name, Ravndal, or Ravendale, is not allowed to use as a surname unless you've been born or wedded into the family name. I found that rather remarkable and felt a little bit more proud of it. Funny how that is. Its like the last chocolate pice on a tray is the one everyone feels is the most delecious one, and they just have to have it. So now, because its rare, Im never gonna take it away. Ever. Don't even try to pursway me.

I read the other day about this monkey, Travis, in America, who'd attacked and ripped off a womans face and arms before being shot by the police. For some reason the article, or at least case, facinated me, so I started investegating. In America there are over 17000 families who have monkeys of all sorts as pets. Why? Ok, Im just jelous. Hell if I'd want a big chimpansee or anything in that size. We're not allowed to have monkeys as pets here in Norway. I cool would it be to have a bud like that who'd climb everywhere, who'd watch tv with you and shut up, instead of commenting on EVERYTHING(like certain people who live in mariannes and my apartment). Plus, they're human like and can do most of the things we do. For some reason, after reading that article, I also ended up reading and researching for 2 hours on face transplantation(first sucess was in 2005, France)At the end of the day, I sat reading up on cats and their history. Historical cats and sorts. No cat in history is as awesome as Sir. Gulliver or Mr. Smee of course;) One of the most famous and personal favorites are Trim and Mrs. Chippy(who was actually a male...!)

You might conclude that I was bored that day, and yes, you are entierly correct Sir. Gulliver is now over 10 years old

lørdag 18. april 2009

Im content with my life

Hey. Hello. Check this babe out! I realized that..well. Im dateing a model. How sweet is that! Gorgeous and dangerous. Does a guy need any more than that? Oh, don't worry, I havent left Marianne for this cheap Model. Marianne IS this cheap model(smiling evily, 'cause he knows she'll be reading this and he just wants to tease her)
I lay in bed one night, after watching Scrubs. Did I mention that I'm addicted to it? Hadn't seen a single episode before last tuesday..and now..well. I've seen a feeeew more. For some reason the series make me think alot. plus, I watch it in my office. Which means..Im all alone. THAT is a luxery for me these days. I purswayed my boss to let me stay in the office and work or study 'till what ever hour I long as I come back for work the day after. I usually do, but he neglected to mention the condition Im supposed to be I stay there..writing..drawing..talking to people or watching Scrubs until 1am...and I have to wake up at 5:55am and go to work through the whole day. Kinda sucks my energy out. But its worth it. I realised on night I walked out of the office building and looked up at the sky.
We are insignificant in the great picture. Not just us as individuals. Us as a species. I found that comforting. Why? Because I've always been afraid of being forgotten. I wanna do something with my life so I can make a difference and put a mark in the history books. But it doesnt matter! was Spore which thought me this. How big the universe is and how impossibly many species or whatever might be out there. They don't matter to us nor we to them. So I guess the reason I find it comforting is..weird as it is..that at least I wont be alone in not mattering. At least my life is good. Its a short life, the one we humans have, and we can't live for hundreds of years. If you then have a good life, be content with it. It could have been worse. I have a wonderful family, girlfriend, friends and "job". We could die at any moment, but Im not afraid of dying. Im not afraid of being forgotten anymore. Because I have this life. The people. And they wouldn't forget. What someone I don't know or will ever meet, who lives 300 years after my death, hell, 1000 years, would think of me, wouldn't matter. I'd still be dead. My legacy will be in everyone who knows me, knew me, or the ones I knew. By living this life, a "normal" life, I will leave the greatest legacy or memory anyone could. A family. Friends. New life.

Another reason why Im so happy is..Im lying in bed, our bed(marianne and me) in our apartment..squeezed between a frog which squeaks and a panda which tries to eat all my marie cookies. My girl is lying by me looking as beautiful as ever, and beautiful music playing in the background.

Content. I am fine

tirsdag 14. april 2009

My life. Last year and now.

So I realised that I'd neglected writing here when my girlfriend, Marianne, got her own blogg. Hell, I guess many of you won't even notice this. Some might not care, some might. I suppose I'll give my thoughts and thanks to the ones who does.

In my last post I wrote that I was going into the army to join the special forces. Well. That I did. Stayed there for a month. Ruined my hip, but its starting to recover..After that I joined the "KESK". They're a unit specialized in training other batalions. Basically, they just fight and fight. I was with the KESK for about 3 months. After that I became a military journalist so that I could get an education. Now that I've been here for a while.. Im bored. So...In may Im gonna join the Telemark Batalion. They're the most active batalion when it comes to foreign service and they only recruit professional soldiers. It'll be exiting and hard. I like it. I love challenges..or have you noticed that, perchance?

In my personal life, not much has changed since last time. I've dated my Marianne for a year now(11th of april) and we're still manageing strong.

This pic is from Cold might not see it at first,
but the shaddows are a shilouette of a
CV9030 tank, I just like the pic

I find it hard to define my life right now. I live at 3 different places(Fredrikstad, Oslo, and the military base Rena), have so many friends in so many places I find it almost hard to cope. The toughest part is that when I'm in the camp, my sivilian life seems..none existant. Its as if Rena becomes a small town and all my friends here(whom I've become really close to due to the things we've gone through together) are.. as close as my oldest friends. I mean no ill by those words. My old ones are not bad, not at all. Its just that they've never done anything with me to bring us close as the new ones. I takes some trust to be perfectly content having a guy/girl lying behind you shooting with an automatic rifle while you're moving forward infront of 'em.

Another thing is that the ones back home have no idea what we're going through. They don't understand. Why would they? Take my family for example; Dad and my brother Ulf has both been in the army, and know how much I want to be back home, how much you grow to miss everything from your old life. They know how more relaxing it is to sleep in the bed you've slept in for years and see the house you last called home. Mom..don't understand, but she keeps naging and wanting me home(which I want to most of the time) but can't accept the fact that Im living with Marianne. I wanna be there sometimes too. Odd Roald(my oldest brother) respects my choices, but the times he comes from Bergen(which is on the other side of the bloody country) he wants me to be there. I do too. Now the last factor, in what I call my family(if we dont take Sir.Gulliver in count) is Marianne. Love, I want to be with you every weekend, but a tree gotta tend to its roots if its not to tire and wither. Hope you understand. I love you:)
I wont keep badgering. I just want to say to those who are either concerned or almost angry that Im trying as hard as I can to get foreign service...its my choice. I've taken you in concideration. I know I might die. I know you might lose me. The chances for a Norwegian soldier is amazeingly slim(2 have died since 2001 and we've had about 1000 soldiers at all time)and the deaths we've had have just been a stroke of really really really bad luck. Doesnt bode well with my luck, I know, but maybe if I speak irish enligsh, some of the irish luck might rub off on me^^We'll see. Just support me instead of going against me on this. Im doing it. One way or another. If not, I'll just pack up everything I need and sell the rest of what I have, and hit the road. Who knows where I'll end up. I just hope it wont be like the guy from Into the Wild. Though he was ill prepared and rather dim witted and again, unlucky.

If I die, let me just say "sorry" and I'll probably think "damn" when it happens, or "wups!". I won't though. Too stubborn and I still have more too see and experience. I'll only surrender to the void when I have no more to experience and can say to life "Been there, done that"

I love you all. Miss you. And I'll see you in the summer. Are you ready?


-Corporal Ravendale

lørdag 5. juli 2008


Ok, this is apolagy is for a few people whom I've missed talking to for a while now. i've been quite occupied these last few weeks, and Im sorry.
Summer started out way cool with a nice package from the Wynn's, the three first books from the twilight serie. thanks alot^^ I really love 'em, and I love you guys. The sad thing is that right after I finnished the last one, and before I really got to say thanks, I started being out with friends almost every day. Either that, or they were at my place. Ya see.. me parents left me with this big ol' house of theirs in me "safe" keepin'. So its been rather wild. Not party like, but yeah.. keeping everything clean and such.
I've been at a few cabin trips, gone out for a few beach trips, and a week ago, I had 3 americans as guests for a few days. It was nice, and it felts as if I was almost back in the states..I do actually rather miss it. Miss you guys, thats for sure.
the 19th..just a few days away, Im going into the army. I'll be leaving my family, this old life, all my friends, and my dear girlfriend behind. Sucks. Whenever I find someone I really like, and can work out with, I have to leave.. is it gods little sadistic game? Who knows. I just dont like it.. I'll be trying out for the specialparatrooper unit, but Im having serious doubts about my abilities. It'll be tough, but if I dont make it, I still have the 2nd battalion to join.. we'll just see what the future holds for me. Hope guys are havin' fun(according to your bloggs it does sound like yer havin' fun^^)


Egil aka Eagle, the kid from Norway who needs friends:P

lørdag 10. mai 2008

The Era of the Russ

Now, for those of yo who haven't spoken to me latly, don't know that we've(or at least us norwegians) have entered the era of the "russ". To put in simple terms, the "russ" is the graduating 13th graders, they get to wear these really weird clothes(because its tradition) and we party almost every day for a whole month. We also have to do certain tasks to get certain rewards, and the one with the most rewards.. get a the top prize..(dont ask me what the hell that is tho..) So yeah, I've been livin' up to the true russ spirit, partyin' everyday for 2 weeks.. which made me wake up on last sunday thinking it was the previous wednesday(kinda trippy!) Though, I have been.. behaving.. to a certain extent at least. if you wanna know some of those "tasks" I suppose you'd just have 't ask me.. can't talk about it here. who knows who'll end up reading this crap, ya know?
So..except that, I've had my pre-exams, I've been, as I've said before, called into military service, first as a normal solider, then a special paratrooper, then as an officer, which I declined, and now Im back to the special paratrooper. I decided to take the officers training next year.. gotta live life.
Fun things..hmm.. made my teacher cry 'cause of an essay, my dad has turned half a century old(which I remind him, as thoughtful and considerate as I am) I've found certain someone which keeps my days bright when everythign is dark. I've found a new book serie to get obsessed about, its the twilight serie(just finnished the 1st book after reading it without putting it down, except the one night I had to sleep) and Im starting to like Creedence and Guns 'n Roses.. for some reason. weird, huh?
I might be commin' over for christmas btw^^ Both to malibu and heber. "you'll see"(8) hope I'll get the chance 't talk to some of you soon.